Majesti™ is management is your team of e-commerce marketing experts dedicated to helping your launch and grow your brand through paid social, retention marketing and revenue optimization.


Our process is proven, the data is undeniable. When you provide entrepreneurs with the tools to succeed. Whether you're a startup looking for a competitive edge, a DTC brand looking to successful launch or an established brand looking to scale

We walk the talk!


Whether you're a startup looking for a competitive edge, a DTC investor who wants to supercharge their portfolio or a globally-recognized CPG company – we can help. We've built and scaled our own brands to $12M+ in revenue and spent $3M+ of our money into marketing.

Tristan Nolan

"Ish has increased our revenue by 225% in 3 was insane"

Acquire new customers

Social Advertising

Acquiring customers using Facebook™, Google™ and Tiktok™ ads with a team that spent $3M+ in Paid advertising at 2.7+ ROAS

retain more customers

email marketing

We become your retention marketing team dedicated to growing your eCommerce business profitably through email.


Advertising Managed


Revenue Generated

6 yrs

Growing Brands

Brand Launch Program

Our Brand Launch Program gives you access to an entire full-service marketing department that work
relentlessly month-over-month to help you build, grown and scale your E-commerce brand from scratch.

A few words from our Founder ISMAEL SIDI


You’ve tried partnering with an agency or freelancer who has under-delivered on your Growth or ROI expectations, or you are running your own advertising and have come to the realization that you can’t keep wearing every hat in your eCommerce business if your brand is going to grow into what you know it can be.Either way, the end result is – you’re struggling to maintain the consistent growth you want. And we feel you, one of the hardest things to watch is your revenue growth becoming stagnant or even start declining. It can be seriously crushing. The stress, the frustration, the sleepless nights, the self-doubt, the fear of failing and having to go back to square one.Our mission at Majesti™ is to help you launch or scale your brand – we leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of performance. It’s a huge investment of your time, money and trust. And we will never take that lightly.



Want a team of dedicated experts to help you launch or scale your brand?

Headquarters: 2 N Central Ave, Suite 1907, Phoenix, AZ 85004Contact: or via Phone 305-800-3000

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Social Advertising

Now that you've tried the rest, it's time to try the best. We'll optimize every aspect of your ad stack, taking your advertising performance to the next level. Intensive testing of ad copy, creative, and landing pages allows us to identify what works (and what doesn't), so you can spend your ad dollars more efficiently. We don't let assumptions or opinions stand in the way of your success. We simply test and let the data guide us.Set up an exploratory call with us, and get started with advertising today.



Increase in Ad Spend



YoY Revenue Growth



Six-month revenue increase

Performance marketing

Full funnel management. On-platform management of ads, optimizations, and creative development. Post-click measurement and improvement of pricing bundles, etc.

  • Brand development

  • Funnels and landing pages

  • Active media buying strategies

  • Offer and promotion strategy

  • Optimization + CRO focused initiatives

  • Detailed reporting


It's time to talk if your email subject lines still read: "We hope this email finds you well." As a company with over 6 years of experience in email and SMS campaigns in the eCommerce space, we have the team, templates, and proven workflows you need.It is a common misconception that emails and SMS are spam, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Your customers' buying decisions can be significantly influenced by a properly sequenced and well-written Email and SMS campaign.If your campaigns aren't working, send better emails rather than more.



Increase YoY Subscribers



Revenue From Email



Abandoned Cart Recovery

Email & SMS Services

From finding new customers to maximizing loyalty and revenue from your old ones... We have a proven system that will uplift your entire business.

  • Full retention marketing strategy

  • Email & SMS marketing templates

  • Automated flows

  • Professional copywriting

  • Dedicated graphic design

  • A/B testing

An Accountable and Talented Team


Revenue Generated


Team Members

6 yrs

Growing Brands

How We Got Here

Your growth marketer is your map maker and wayfinder—keeping goals clearly defined, in sight, and the whole team focused on creating the smartest path to growth.Your channel experts are the in-the-weeds, watching-every-dollar-spent efficiency finders and optimizers.Majesti™ was born because we were tired of talking to startups and founders that were getting the runaround; being sold growth plans full of mysterious behind-the-scenes work, cumbersome roadblocks, shallow results, and quick wins with no follow through.Our philosophy is based on first principles thinking and we keep things effective yet simple, because simplicity scales.

What We value

Value Creation

Team Work